Prison Visiting

Onley Prison

The prisoners and their families were so pleased with the Christmas presents and it was lovely to watch their faces when they opened them. One teenager asked me where they came from and when I explained she gave me a big hug and said how lovely. Families visiting the prison over the Christmas period also received presents.  

Some of you kindly gave me money, which has been used to buy new toys and a freestanding football game.

I saved some money and bought Easter eggs which again the families enjoyed.

Rosie has joined Heather and me volunteering so keeping the flag flying for Mother’s Union.

The visits hall where the families have to book in before they go into the prison has had a facelift and Dawn the family manager for Pact is going to put up a notice board which will include thanks to Mother’s Union for all our help and  showing how we have supported the families through our donations.

Again thank you for your support and generosity helping to support vulnerable families who suffer through no fault of their own, I was talking to one visitor recently and I said to her “you are in a kind of prison as well”, which she agreed with.


Love Lynda x