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This is a holiday scheme organised and funded by Mother’s Union members in the Diocese. One of the purposes is firstly to help and support families who are struggling often in emotional ways and who would benefit from a break away and, for financial reasons, are not able to have a holiday.  Secondly it may be possible to help groups enjoy a day out together.

Each application has to be accompanied by a recommendation from someone known to the applicants, such as a Vicar, social worker, a doctor. Requests can also come from Mothers' Union members provided they are happy to complete the relevant application forms.

Requests can be sent to Mothers Union AFIA, 1, Hill Top, Coventry, CV1 5AB or by email to Karen Morris

Application forms can be downloaded here:

​The basic criteria is that you have not had a holiday for three years and you have not had a holiday through AFIA before. 

Our funds are limited but we encourage you to apply if you meet the listed criteria. 

Recently we have been able to send families away for a few days to a holiday camp and a group of youngsters  enjoyed a night away in Blackpool with their leaders. Also, a group was provided with coach travel to Skegness for the day.

Here are some photos of families who have enjoyed holidays recently which have been made possible by AFIA

(Photos used with permission).

Coventry Diocese Mothers' Union AFIA Coordinator?

Lynda Howells has been taking care of AFIA for around seven years but is now looking to pass this very special part of Mothers' Union on to someone else. Lynda would be happy to talk to anyone who feels they may have a calling to take this on.

This is a summary of the role of AFIA coordinator. Please do prayerfully consider whether it is something God is calling you to.

Receiving and approving applications from a referring agent (Social Worker, Vicar, Teacher, etc.)

Booking a suitable holiday or day trip as required.

Holidays are paid directly by MU to the referring agent, not the family.

Reporting to Trustees regularly.

Keeping records of holidays provided.

Promoting AFIA in branches, through the website and to other groups as appropriate.

Support Paula in Supporting AFIA

PaulaLeek Wootton Diocesan Member Paula Waters ran in the London Marathon on Sunday 21st of April and chose Mothers’ Union as her charity. Paula completed the marathon in 4hr 33m 39s and has already exceeded her target of £2500.

Paula is specifically supporting two long-term MU projects that are enabled and funded by members:

1. The MU Coventry 'Away From It All' (AFIA) holidays, breaks, and trips programme for families in the Coventry and Warwickshire area. This programme provides a much-needed break for those who may be experiencing stress or difficulties in their family life. AFIA offers precious time for families to spend together away from their home situations, engage in activities together, and simply have fun. Many families have experienced healing in their relationships by spending quality time with each other through this programme.

2. The MU Central Literacy and Savings Programmes in Burundi. This programme focuses on empowering women through training facilitators to lead local women's literacy and financial education initiatives. The impact of this programme has been remarkable - it has brought about gender equality, increased participation of women in decision-making processes, and transformed families' lives. As a result of these programmes, 78% of families can now afford higher education for their children, while 96% can afford health insurance.

You can donate to Paula's JustGiving page by clicking here.