Supporting Parents

How are members working to support parents in the Diocese?

Being a parent can be hard work and we all have times when we struggle with children’s behaviour or worry about their progress.  Mothers’ Union has always looked for ways to support parents in the important task of bringing up children and preparing them for the adult world. Our second Object is to support families and nurture faith.

For many years, members have trained to facilitate Parenting Groups and we still offer a variety of materials, mainly from Care for the Family, that can be used in group settings.

Time Out for Parents

The Early Years
The Primary Years
The Teenage Years
Children with Special Needs
Handling Anger in the Family

“It has built a confidence in me to be a parent” and “The main thing I have learnt is to laugh and have fun together”


Digital Parenting

Building Children’s Emotional Wellbeing

We also a course called What Should We Tell the Children about Relationships and Sex which helps parents to talk to their children and young people about difficult topics.

“I’m not alone in being anxious about this [talking about relationships and sex with my children]”

Flourishing Families

Following a central review of the Parenting Programme, a new initiative is being trialled that promotes a more holistic approach to supporting families.  This includes working with local communities to find out what is required, gathering groups of parents to share ideas, and encouraging further meetings for mutual support.

To help parents nurture Faith in the Family, Mothers’ Union has produced a series of Ideas Sheets called Hand In Hand.

If you would like more information on any of these resources, or would like to explore running or attending a course in your local community, please contact Felicity Hawke